Allumer アリュメール


2011年AWよりスタート。メンズライクなデザインをベースに、独自の解釈で女性らしさをミックス。 ヴィンテージを意識した素材選びで細部にまでこだわったアイテムや、 手に取りたくなる素材感とフォルムにしなやかなさが入ったアイテムが並びます。 初めて身に着けた時の気分を,時間が経っても変わらずに感じられる服を提案。


The Allumer brand was initially launched for the fall–winter season of 2011, boasting designs based on men's fashion approaches mixed with a unique take on the concept of "feminine." Our products include those using vintage-style materials with careful attention down to even the finest detail, as well as products whose appealing textures and elegant forms make you want to reach out and hold them in your hands. No matter how many times you wear an Allumer product, it will still feel just as good as the first time you tried it on.